Nitty Scott On Running Away, Fake Female MC Rules & Performs on Ladies First

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Nitty Scott stopped by Hot97 and let us peep inside her music career and her psyche.
As many female rappers talk about how they are bad bitches and that they are poppin and lit, Nitty chooses to spit meaningful lyrics that are not superficial and random. Furthermore, she says that people feel that being a dope rapper spittin real stuff cannot go together with being a sexy rapper and she believes that she was forced to choose either the former or the latter. People told her to "fem it up" but first, she wanted to prove what she's about with her music and if people come up to her and say they like her music PLUS she is sexy then that's what she wanted to demonstrate since she believes that nowadays you have to be naked to get respect.

She also talks about how she left for New York to pursue her career in the music industry. She believed in herself and she had a plan even though she struggled with her lif such as the rent etc. She left when she was 17, before graduation and the first thing was to get her diploma. She had little money from Florida and she did not want to come back home. She wanted to let the world know that she will make it. And it took her long time to get where she is now. Even though she was mad at her parents, she reconnected with them. What is more, she was very lonely and without TV and computer.

Buddha is one of Nitty's inspirations. Growing up she was confused because her family had all religions from Christianity to Islam. She suffered from anxiety - she kept asking who were are, why we are here. She chose Buddhism since it is a peaceful religion. It doesn't requir killing other people or luring other people to convert. It brought her peace. Her album The Art of Chill came out as a result of her finding Buddhism and finding the place in herself.

Her favorite artist is Stevie Knicks. She is the one who inspired her as well. She grew up listening to her. She adds that if she could make a record with her then she would feel like she could quit rap Smějící se. In the video, she also mentions her favorite rappers and those are basically artists from the Boombox families. Interestingly, when she was asked who she would rather work with - Lauryn Hill or Jean Grae, she answered Lauryn Hill since she is the queen to her even though she would definitely want a record with both of them.

To summarize, all her struggles, living in New York and her exploring her identity shaped her music. She is working on a new project, so hopefully it will be out soon! At the end of the interview, Nitty spits fire!


No Panty Talks Evolution Of The Name, Music and Freestyle!

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The new group No Panty with its members Nitty Scott, Joell Ortiz and Bodega Bamz came up to Ebro, Rosenberg and Laura to discuss their brand new project Westside Highway Story produced by Salaam Remi.
Nitty spices up the convo by saying that No Panty is a movement about having fun and that she is commando right now! The whole group agrees on the fact that it is stigma for latino artists to be considered "real hip hop" - if they rap in Spanish, it is considered reggaeton and if they rap in English, it is suddenly hip hop. At the end, they all freestyle!
To find out more and what Nitty's favorite record off the mixtape is, watch the whole interview:

3D Na'Tee, Ms. Jade, Remy Ma and Others at BET Hip Hop Awards 2016

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Remy Ma, Ms Jade, 3D Na'Tee, Bianca Bonnie, Cardi B and Young M.A attended the BET Hip Hop Awards 2016.
In the whole article, yall can see all the videos where the above mentioned female rappers appeared. To everybody's surprise, the rumor has it that Remy Ma is throwing shade at Nicki Minaj in a leaked video (in the whole article)!

3D Na'Tee was interviewed by HipHipSince1987. She talked about The Regime, her new project, growing up in New Orleans, new music and the BET Cypher.

Ms. Jade is excited about the Cypher and she revealed she's about to drop a mixtape:

Ms. Jade - Profile

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Instagram: therealmsjade
YouTube: MsJadeVEVO
Soundcloud: therealmsjade
MySpace: msjade001
Vevo: Ms-Jade

Real name: Chevon Young
Date of Birth: August 3, 1979
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Active since: 1995

Music Video! Lucci Vee & Envi - Champions

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The rap duo Lucci Vee and Queen Envi teamed up together again and shot a visual for Champions. And yes, it is a remake of Queen's Champions. "Every time [Lucci] hop[s] on a beat it's a homicide!" Here's a proof:

Music Video! Snow Tha Product - No Lie

Friday at 11:34 | Marquetita |  Music Videos
Snow Tha Product put out a visual for No Lie. It is rather a singing record but you can hear some bars as well. "You know [Snow] would tell you if [she's] fucking with somebody on the side, no lie."

Music Video! Asian Doll - BWB Freestyle

Friday at 11:33 | Marquetita |  Music Videos
Asian Doll came through with a new freestyle! If you have not seen the music video yet, you better do it now:

Official 247HH Exclusive Interview with Angel Haze

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Angle Haze talks about how good of a cook she is, video games and her top three rappers in the first video. In the second video, she talks about what happened to her when the police attempted to stop a party.

Lucci Vee - Profile

Friday at 11:30 | Marquetita |  Lucci Vee
Twitter: @luccivee
Instagram: luccivee
Facebook: lucciveemusic
Soundcloud: luccivee
ReverbNation: LucciVee

Real name: Raeen Roes Wilson
Date of Birth: July 10, 1991
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Active since: 2011

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