Trina & Lil Wayne - Don't Trip

2. november 2007 at 7:49 | Marquetita |  Music Videos


Uh Yea, Oh Yea
Trin' Bein I've Got Ya
Yea I'm On dat Syzurp mah
Ya Off Tha
Hey! Heyyy!

[1st Verse: Lil Wayne]
Go by da name ov Weezie F.
An fuck em out da belly store wit 10 bagz?
Fly as a mutha fucka girly on ma staple
Coz her friendz say I'm a tummy sucka
Dun go below da navel
I'm up in Lil Haiti
I'm blowin on Jamaica
I'm in da pimp a beemer
I'm wit a salt shaka
Now I'm in Dade County
I c some thick bitchez
I try 2 holla at em
But dey all trick bitchez
I think Trina sexy
Mama ya wine fine
N on tha hush hush
We need some quiet time
Yea I'm a ridah ma
Da Birdman's boy
I pre-own CA$H MONEY?
Yea n I put her on CA$H MONEY
She start wobblin dat ass 4 me
She start modelin
She c da modelz in da Maybach
She call me Weezie F. Baby
N she make sure she say dat

[Lil' Wayne]
C fly nigga baby yea I dun trip
Jus give em lil thigh?
Mama give em lil hip
& if u c a fly bitch
nigga holla dun trip
Break her off a few dollaz
Take her on a few tripz yo!
[Lil' Wayne]
Give em lil thigh
Mama give em lil hip
Then u give em lil wind up
Give em a lil nip
N if ya c a fly bitch
Nigga holla dnt trip
Break her off a few dollaz
Take her on a few tripz

[2nd Verse: Trina]
Now I'm da daughter ov a madam
Inside ov a pink phantom
If ya man got dat cash
Then best believe I met him
Coz I'm sharp as a machete
& I cuss like crazy?
Niggaz call me Betty Crocker
Coz ma cakez stay plenty
Got stackz on top of stackz
I'm cuppin' a meal ticket
No matta da consequence
Mah emphasis iz 2 git it
It'z Trina Weezie F. Baby
Manny handle tha scriptz
It'z all reminiscent 2
Gladyz night in da pips?
All mah niggaz jump around
Gurlz jump on dat dick
It aint gonna b no standin around
Now letz get crunk in dizz bitch
N ladiez
Show em yo shit
A lil hip a lil thigh
More pleasure 4 de eye
N da more a nigga try
U can find me stretched out
In ma 850i
Or ma big 600
Believe Trina done it
Believe dem diamondz studded
Stay flooded like a damn
Chase gramz cuz I am what I am
Dun give a damn


[3rd Verse: Trina]
Back 2 da lesson at hand
Stick 2 ma plan
When it comez 2 seein man afta man
Dun give a damn about hiz car or hiz friendz
Wh Wh WhWhat
Coz I'm gonna make ma on endz
& Thas WhWhuzz up
Ladiez letz say u want a man
But dun kno 'ow 2 do it
Dirty dance wit em
Put a lil back in2 it
Go catch a wall shorty
End up at da mall sporty
Try 2 dog waddy?
Make em spend it all on ya
Yep n make dat nigga ball 4 ya
Then have him beggin 4 that kitty kat
Winin n dinin 4 dat ass
Give him none ov dat
Just let him kno
Say make a bitch rich
Coz da badest bitch taught u dat

[Beat Till End]

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