Music Video! Ariana Grande - Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj

4. september 2016 at 15:50 | Marquetita |  Music Videos
Nicki Minaj's and Ariana Grande's reggae collabo was successful enough to have shot a music video! Follow Nicki claim: "all these bitches flows is my mini me". Is that a coincidence though? Because Foxy Brown has pretty similar lyrics in her 4, 5, 6 hit from 1999:
"Goddess MC, y'all bitches is little Foxes" - Foxy Brown, 1999.
It's 2016 and Nicki came out with suspiciously similar lyrics:
"All these bitches flows is my mini me" - Nicki Minaj, 2016.
Indeed, Nick claims she's the queen of rap, but it is possibly thanks to Fox' s influence. Watch below!

Rap alongside the video:
All these bitches, flows is my mini-me
Body smoking, so they call me Young Nicki Chimney
Rappers in they feelings cause they feelin' me
Uh, I-I give zero fucks and I got zero chill in me
Kissing me, copped the blue box that say
Tiffany Curry with the shot, just tell 'em to call me Stephanie
Gun pop and I make my gum pop
I'm the queen of rap, young Ariana run pop



1 AshleyInka AshleyInka | Web | 4. september 2016 at 16:04 | React

Písnička je naprosto úžasná :)

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