Trina Talks Female Rappers, Music, Her Albums & More

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Trina was interviewed in Copenhagen for almost an hour and she talked from music to politics.
Trina talks booty music today and how it influeced her music. Back in the day when Trina released Pull Over, it was about Miami, but nowadays, booty music is everywhere in the world. She also mentions selling sex in music - she believes it demonstrates that a woman can be a boss woman and it is about being the badass and confident.
She talks about the rap industry being male dominated and that's why no matter what you do, you have to please men whether you are fully covered or not to be a succsseful female rapper.
Quuen Latifah, Yo Yo and MC Lyte were rappers that Trina looked up to. Their style was different and they were killing all guys even though it wasn't sexual - it was about the skill and being unified. On the other hand, the explosion with female sexuality came with the emergence of Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Their lyrics were all about that "I'm that bitch" - woman killin and slicin dudes. You have to be confident in order to do that and Trina is fearless, strong, independet and confident woman, she's not intimidated.
Furthermore, Trina doesn't compare rappers. She believes everybody has diferent styles. Missy Elliott is a genius with her own music. And wheres Da Brat is tough with Chicagoan baggy clothes and beautiful face killin guys, Miami music is about sexiness and beach clothes. Moreover, it is a merge of all styles - Spanish, Latino, Caribbean etc.
Trina also claims that if women artists are not signed, it separates these artists from the public since there is no budget to put your music out. Having bunch of guys directing you to do it is a better solution. Nonetheless, women do not collaborate together since they are catty. Trina also reminisces how it used to be back in the day - When Kim, Da Brat, Missy Elliott, Angie Martinez and Lisa Lopes released Ladies Night (Not Tonight), that is what female hip hop is about. The same could apply to Lady Marmelade, where Lil Kim and Missy Elliott were featured - it was powerful and explosive. And since we don't have that, the effect is not big. There is a lot of artists and you see them on social media but it has no impact because they are indepdendent.
Being artist is also about creativity. People are not being themselves on social media because they are scared of what other people will say. But it is OK to do something different. As an artist, you just want to grow and break the Internet. You can't be creative when you are worried what everybody thinks of you. Nevertheless, Trina is confident and she hardly found any insecurities in her in this intwerview, she doesn't care about other people. She grew up around strong women with no dad and this is where her confidence comes from.
While the Baddest Bitch album was about being real, Diamond Princess was rather smooth; Trina still wanted rough tracks on it but at the same time, she wanted to emphasize the sexuality.
She also talks about having records with Missy Elliott and Still Da Baddest as her favorite album. She wanted to name her album Hurricane Katrina since she felt so powerful, but then she felt bad for all the people from New Orleans.
Interestingly, Trina hates the label "rapper," she's an entertainer, which means that you're giving people a part of you.
She says that she wouldn't start making political records because of the upcoming US elections. She is a rather fun person.
Finally, when asked what she wants to be remembered as, she says "da baddest bitch". She started it and she created it!

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