Music! Trina - Caroline (Remix)

29. december 2016 at 12:19 | Marquetita |  Music
Trina dropped her remix to Animé's Caroline! She spits "fuck nigga, I'm about my money, I'm the baddest bitch from Miami!" Listen below and check out the lyrics:


She's a bad thang
Fine as hell
Thick as fuck
Oh my God I'm that baby no caroline
He want time I want dough
I make these niggas spend it all I'm no joke (fuck you thought)
Holy shit this bitch is lit
Its looking like its bout time to fuck it up
No caroline listen up, don't want to hear about
Your horoscope or what the future holds
Shut up shut and let's get
Down to the point when the lights go off and the money get thrown in the air
Nigga bitch want to say your name while you going hard til you scream like you just don't care
I don't want the fame nigga I just want the money
That bitch caroline that hoe was a dummy
I ain't never laying down with a broke ass nigga
Fuck nigga I'm about my money
I'm the baddest bitch from miami
305 oh shit look at me
No caroline
Pussy so tight got that comeback nigga
With your whole face mortal kombat killa
Slip the dick in I keep it warm chin chilla
He was acting like a G I made him turn gorrilla
He stalking me, he calling me and I don't answer
He texting me can I be his private dancer ooouuu
Should've never gave a nigga no pussy
Talking all that shit like a vet
Come to find out that nigga was a rookie nah

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