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6. january 2017 at 10:50 | Marquetita |  Music
Ass on "What the fuck [she] got up in them jeans?" boy! In her new record, Trina spits "mirror, mirror on the mothafuckin wall, who the flyest of them all? Oh my gosh you can see it's [Trina]!"

You can listen to the track below on YouTube or buy it on iTunes and check out the lyrics in the whole article.


[Intro: Tory Lanez]
That's why you love me, baby!
Thugga (Thugga)
I swear, as soon as she walked out
I seen that I was [?]
Uh, way, OK!

[Hook: Tory Lanez (Trina)]
Ass on "What the fuck you got up in them jeans?" girl
Goddamn, how the fuck it's bustin out the seams, girl?
Jumpin' up and down just to fit it in your jeans, girl
I see what you lookin' at when you be in the mirror, shorty!
(Ass on "What the fuck I got up in them jeans?" boy
Goddamn, how the fuck it's bustin out the seams, boy?
Jumpin' up and down just to fit it in my jeans, boy
You see what I'm lookin' at when I be in the mirror, shorty!)

[Verse 1: Tory Lanez]
She a fuckin' stunna
100 percenter, ain't no one can front her
Shorty, you be doin' something to me in that Yves when it's all-blue
Like it when you got it on and love it when it's on you
Yeah, and you know this shit for you, yeah
Split it, flip it, get 'em corners, hit it with you, yeah
You was who I was gon' bring all this shit to, yeah
And you knew I was gon' give this shit to you, so baby, yeah!
G4 pilot flying private in the Lear
I been on an island, shorty, wildin' over here
Ma, sit your pretty ass down in a chair
'Cause you know how they stare, 'cause shorty got a


[Verse 2: Trina]
My Giuseppe game is on CSI
Pulling up in something tinted you can't see inside
Mirror, mirror on the motherfucking wall
Who the flyest of them all? Oh my gosh, you can see it's I!
Black label like I'm BMI
50 thousand just so she can fly
Then I'm hopping off a jet
All myselly, no R. Kelly, motherfucker, just believe I fly!
Tell them bitches that it's D or die
Ghetto booty, still chicken when you season fries
Too much clink and she can't see, she blind
Motherfucker, can you see me now?


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