Music Video! Nasheema Williams Disses Remy Ma & Nicki Minaj!

18. march 2017 at 8:28 | Marquetita |  Music Videos
Nasheema Williams AKA Meek Mill's sister AKA Faye Hayward takes shots at Minaj, Remy Ma and Foxy Brown! After Remy Ma came for Nicki Minaj in her diss track ShETHER, Foxy Brown joined the beef by releasing Breaks Over where she disses Nicki. Nasheema's reaction is simply ridiculing all these female rappers! She claims "Nicki ain't got no bars and Remy ain't got no flow" and since these "bitches think they rap queens" then Nasheema is a "fuckin rap god!"
No offence, but all three of them were just bodied by a rookie!


Nasheema Williams - Remy and Nicki diss track
everybody screamin team who are you?
I'm team not of these bitches
i don't owe no fuckin loyalty to either one of these bitches
i don't remember gettin a dime from either one of these bitches
so I'll happily put the 9 on either one of these bitches
I do this shit cuz it's forbidden I'm livid
and plus I live it
anyone can get it, I'm with it
never no fucking limit
I Don't sleep diss, that's the difference
cuz Remy been r-rippin Nicki
she just won't admit it, admit it
now keep it real, Remy
we all know you baited the bitch
you shaded the bitch
and waited on the hoe to say something slick
you hated the bitch, anticipated on the moment she did it
and then you eat her
cuz you been ready since the days of your biss
stupid ass Nicki ran into your trick
felt like a ditch, the same shit she did to Kim
cuz karma sure is a bitch
they say that dog eat dog when you wanna be rich
you want your crown back?
you don't wanna be reminisced
but how you come with some bars, then you forget it
and Nicki ain't have no bars
and she started busting that trigger
of course, you bust out a nigga cuz a nigga can't hit you hoe
you need to focus on the real fuckin issue hoe
i'm finna say something we all know
that Nicki ain't got no bars and Remy ain't got no flow
Remy got the respect but Nicki got all the dough
and they want what each other got ,so they envious on the low
ha, cuz bitches dealin with they egos
but i can see hoes
then they disrespect other people
i'm evil, something similar to Deebo
run up to your house and pull the pistol on your people
ha, I'm 23 but i'm bustin bitches like 44
I kill em all, said the law
wanted that time of war
outline bitches like a chalkboard
and take take it from the rich and give it to the poor
they ask why don't I battle rap
because I'm greater than you
I go against the grade
it's just the proof how great I can do
they be like damn Faye, you becoming straight out the blue
I do this shit because I love that bitches hate what I do
I ain't no killer but don't push me
I swear I'm feelin like PAC, if I ain't had a fucking pussy
everybody know my name
don't nobody overlook me
everybody in the game getting bodied by a rookie
y'all said this battle ain't bout money, it's about bars
well if it's bout bars, then I'm beatin bitches by far
cuz bitches cool, but aren't realy really that hard
bitches think they rap queens, imma fuckin rap god
and everbody is an opportunist, you see an opportunity
you'd be a fool not to try and use it
so everybody tried to keep the movement
even the famous, with the fame they'd do anyhting not to lose it
so I get a check to disrespect bitches
and don't nobody ever check me cuz I'm the fucking recklessest
now I see bitches doing vids every day B
I know bitches who kill bitches and they gotta way free
cuz murder was the case that they gave me
mur, murder was the case that they gave me
so I came and killin shit cuz y'all be acting like these bitches is god

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