Music! A$AP Ferg ft. Remy Ma - East Coast

8. april 2017 at 14:45 | Marquetita |  Music
Remy Ma is featured on an A$AP Ferg's joint East Coast! She spits "I been one, you been done, you been shoulda just hung it up!"

Lyrics to Remy Ma's part:

[Verse 2: Remy Ma]
And it's 0-1, now, run it up
Got my face beat, hair done it up
I go bad on 'em, drop bags on 'em
Got a tab, bitch; tell 'em run it up
I spaz on 'em, I gun 'em up
Said I'm too smart, gotta dumb it up
Dead in the middle of Little Italy
They ain't know Remy really could just Pun it up
On IG, you thumb it up
But in real life, you bum it up
You're on nothin', you so frontin'
You Joe Budden, you pump it up
See, these hoes be luckin' up
Try to be down, they suckin' up
I go nuts, I mean peak on
Turn the beat on and I fuck it up
The bar's low, I brung it up
And y'all hoes just stunk it up
I been one, you been done
You been shoulda just hung it up
You was hatin' when I was comin' up
You fake bitch, you need to woman up
You a wack bitch, you a rat bitch
And I'm that bitch, just to sum it up

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