Nicki Minaj Interview with DJ Whoo Kid

14. june 2017 at 22:04 | Marquetita
Nicki Minaj called DJ Whoo Kid and she talked about her upcoming music that is supposed to release in June, her Yo Gotti collabos, Wayne and Drake and much more! Check it out below:

3D Na'Tee Has a Big Announcement

14. june 2017 at 22:02 | Marquetita
3D Na'Tee will do morning exercises again! She will rap to the first beat she thinks of in the mornings!

Young M.A Ridin Out with DJ Magic

7. june 2017 at 21:53 | Marquetita
Young M.A talks to DJ Magic:

Dreezy On Dropping Out Of College After A Month, Working At The Original Pancake House, Subway

5. june 2017 at 12:07 | Marquetita
Dreezy claims that college wasn't for her. She also believes that everybody wants to rap but not everybody can achive success. Furthermore, she talks about her former jobs and much more. See below:

Queen Key: I Walked Out Of College After A Week, Fired At American Girl During Orientation

4. june 2017 at 19:32 | Marquetita
Queen Key talks about college, being fired and hired during one day, pursuing her dream in the rap industry and much more, check it out:

Young M.A On Her Departed Brother

1. june 2017 at 19:25 | Marquetita
As a therapy, Young M.A talks about her brother that was killed by his gang members in 2009. Watch her talk about how she put away with it and how she has managed to be strong:

Kash Doll - Everything You Need To Know

28. may 2017 at 21:54 | Marquetita
Everything you need to know about Kash Doll: she's always been that bitch! Check out the whole interview:

Sasha Go Hard Talks Starting Wit Chief Keef & Touring Over Seas

28. may 2017 at 21:44 | Marquetita
Sasha Go Hard talks about how she started her career with Chief Keef, touring overseas where fans actually show more love(!), her motivation to write music such as her daughter, or even the rapper Chella H etc. Her dream collabos would be Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma, Meek Mill plus one of her top male artists is Rick Ross. She also mentions staying looking young. To see the whole interview, watch below:

Ellen: Is Nicki Minaj Dating Nas?

23. may 2017 at 21:56 | Marquetita
Nicki Minaj stopped by Ellen to talk about what she's been up to! She talks about her performance at the Billboard Music Awards, potentional beef of Ellen and Oprah and she addresses her sleepover at Nas' place, is she dating him?

Watch all three videos in the whole article:

Nicki Minaj Performs Live at the Billboard Music Awards 2017!

23. may 2017 at 12:45 | Marquetita
Joined by Lil Wayne, Jason Derulo and David Guetta, Nicki Minaj performed her singles No Frauds, Light My Body Up, Swalla and Regret In Tears at the Billboard Music Awards!
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