Remy Ma Remembers First Night Out of Jail & Not Knowing What Snapchat Was!

31. october 2016 at 21:25 | Marquetita
The Real Daytime hosted Remy Ma! She says that she literally went to the studio an hour after she was released from prison in 2014. She talks on change of her music after she was released and also how she didn't know what social media such as SnapChat was.

Nicki Minaj Hints at a Remy Ma & Foxy Brown Collabo + New Album

17. october 2016 at 21:29 | Marquetita
Nicki Minaj called Hot97 and talks to Ebro, Rosenberg and Laura on new music amd women! She brings up her rehearsal twerk again looking like a thot (click here for more info). Then she talks on her first meeting with Lauryn Hill and how it was a different meeting her than other artists. She also explains what she meant when she mentioned Melania Trump at Tidal X. She talks on women in general and on women in the rap game. Furthermore, being successful doesn't mean you have to stop being hood and she claims that ghetto defines her.
Nicki confirms that her upcoming album will be epic but she kind of hesistated with answering when it will come out, so we have to wait! Her features are on the way though. She also says she wanted to make a record with Remy Ma and Foxy Brown but it hasn't been realized yet; however, it is a matter of time, according to Nicki! That would be definitely off the chain for female rappers! Plus she states that she is definitely over the rap beef. Listen below:

Nicki Minaj On Meeting Her Idol Lauryn Hill and Why Her Twerk Game Wasn't Up To Par

17. october 2016 at 19:46 | Marquetita
Nicki Minaj called the Breakfast Club and she talks twerking at Tidal X, which you can watch further in this article, both rehearsal and the performace. Nicki also talks about how she met Lauryn Hill for the first time in person (pic on her Instagram). She gives a shout out to Young M.A for keeping the female rap industry alive. She also prepares new music and she mentions how the Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape was good since she did not have to follow any rules and it was her pure skills.

Eve Talks Dr. Dre

16. october 2016 at 20:22 | Marquetita
Eve talks on Dr. Dre! Watch the video on Facebook:

No Panty Freestyle Shots

16. october 2016 at 20:22 | Marquetita
Watch No Panty with Nitty Scott freestyle Shots off their mixtape Westside Highway Story!

Snow Tha Product - Character, Hard Work, and Integrity Define Me

16. october 2016 at 20:22 | Marquetita
Snow Tha Product talks to 247HH about working in the music industry. She believes that it is about your story and being woke, which is a lifestyle and you don't have to do anything to please others. Watch below:

Bre Z Freestyle & Interview on Sway in the Morning

16. october 2016 at 20:21 | Marquetita
Bre-Z speaks on black vs white rappers and double standards. It is easier for white rappers nowadays even if the culture isn't theirs. She also speaks on the Empire and acting. At 29:15 she spits dome dope freestyle! Check it out below:

Audra The Rapper Talks Sisterhood Of Hip Hop, Her Mentor Rick Ross & Performs On Ladies First

14. october 2016 at 13:41 | Marquetita
Audra The Rapper says she's always been woke and she's aware of her surroundings and that's what influenced her music - her music that is completely different from all other female rappers - it is unique.
She speaks on Lauryn Hill. Interesetingly, she talks about her foundation that she's had since she was 17. She also mentions how Rick Ross co-signed her and her working with him. Growing up, she used to sneak to listen to rap because her mom believed it degraded her, but when she was 12-13, Audra said she wanted to be a rapper and her mother supported her.
At 25:53 she performs her single Sometimes live in the studio!

Eve Discusses Tour with Gwen Stefani and Living in London

14. october 2016 at 13:41 | Marquetita
The Grammy Awards winning artist Eve discusses the chemistry between her and Gwen Stefani. She also talks on how living with her husband in London is different. However, she hasn't picked up the accent! Watch below:

No Panty Freestyles for DJ Self

14. october 2016 at 13:41 | Marquetita
Nitty Scott with No Panty freestyle for DJ Self!
No Panty started out as a record and then they decided to make a mixtape further. At 3:03 they spit a dope freestyle!