Trina Remembers Tupac

14. september 2016 at 21:36 | Marquetita
Trina remembers Tupac in the video below. She remembers it was a sad day and that his music is something you can relate to, especially if you're from the street.

Bianca: I'm More Than The Chicken Noodle Soup Song + The 9th Year Mixtape

13. september 2016 at 21:33 | Marquetita
In an interview by HOT 1079, Bianca Bonnie says it's been 9-10 years since Chicken Noodle Soup (its remix with Trina) came out and that she's bigger than just one hit wonder! To celebrate such accomplishment, Bianca put out a mixtape called The 9th Year (download link below). She says the mixtape has a good feedback and that y'all can listen to the whole project no matter if you're single or if you want to party and have fun - it's just for everybody.
Furthermore, she is on Love and Hip Hop NY. She says it's dope and that it's different from the music world, it's film.
The exciting news is that she's working on another mixtape and a lot of visuals. Watch the interview below and then further an interview of her decoding the mixtape.

Besides the above video, Bianca also decodes her "The 9th Year" Mixtape in the interview by DJ Smallz Eyes.
You can download The 9th Year mixtape at Spinrilla.

Foxy Brown joined Twitter!

13. september 2016 at 10:46 | Marquetita
What's good, big news!
As many of you already know, Foxy Brown had not had any Twitter account for years. Her old one used to be @FoxyDonDiva. Yet, she disabled it and her fans had not been able to follow her anywhere up until last year when she created her Instagram account. What is much bigger news though is that to our surprise, Foxy, the Ill Na Na opened a new Twitter account! She may not be crazily active; nevertheless, it is worth following her! Her new account is @FoxyBrown!

Trina - Bad Boy Reunion

13. september 2016 at 9:46 | Marquetita
Even though they broke up, Trina, da baddest bitch, reunited with French Montana and performed Nann Nigga and her brand new banger Fuck Boy! Whose pussy's fatter than hers?!

Diamond On Her Pregnancy and Marriage Plans With Payro

12. september 2016 at 12:56 | Marquetita
Quite recently, Diamond has announced that she is pregnant! The father is, who else than Payro who also appeared on the Sisterhood of Hip Hop. In the following video, Diamond talks pregnancy. She definitely does not want to end her career because of the baby. She didn't want to reveal for how many months she has been pregant; however, she did admit that she will be due very soon. She also wants to keep the baby's sex secret and she claims the day when she discovered the sex of the baby is one of the most memorable days in her life. One would expect marriage but Diamond wants to wait!
To prove that the pregnancy does not stop her career, Diamond announced that new music videos are coming!
Watch this interview by DJ Smallz Eyes below:

Are You Smarter Than Remy Ma or Nah?

8. september 2016 at 20:02 | Marquetita
Watch this interview by ESSENCE! Remy Ma competed with her fan over who is smarter. One of the questions was: what's the rest of Rem's line in Lean Back - R to the what? Who knew it was "R to the E'zzy'", Rem or her fan? Watch below to find out:

About Us

31. august 2016 at 20:27 | Marquetita
This blog's posts contain female rappers, that is music (audios), music videos, interviews, GIF's, throwbacks or anything that is related to female rappers. Indeed, the amount of rappers is practically endless and therefore, not all of the rappers can be covered on this blog. As a result, the best ones and simultanously, the most consistent and active ones have been selected. This site aims to post news regarding this area.
Interestingly, this blog was launched in 2006; however, its content used to be celebrities in general. As of 31 of August, 2016, this blog was re-launched in order to provide the public with news in the area of female rappers. Although some websites already deal with similar topics, they do not cover exactly the same posts as this blog. Hence, this blog can used as a valuable alternative.
To see GIFs, go visit the FemaleRappersGifs Tumblr.

Blog slaví 10. narozeniny - obnova blogu

31. august 2016 at 16:27 | Marquetita

Datum a čas založení blogu: 19.2.2006 14:34.

Tento blog byl založen v roce 2006 s úmyslem informovat veřejnost o tom, co se děje ve světě celebrit. Nicméně jak to už v životě bývá, když je člověku 16, má dočasné záliby, které ho za 10 let přestanou bavit, což se samozřejmě přihodilo i mně.
Proto dnešním dnem (31.8.) tohoto roku - 2016 na počest 10. výročí blogu jsem se rozhodla blog obnovit a zvěřejňovat příspěvky a novinky v oblasti underground reperek ze Spojených států, což je můj koníček zhruba od roku 2008. Tudíž si nemyslím, že by se obsah tohoto blogu znova měnil v nejbližších letech. Všechny staré články byly částečně vymazány (= zveřejněny odkazy na původní stránky, kde se originálně nacházejí).
Tento staro-nový blog bude veden v angličtině, protože tuto tématiku moc lidí v ČR nesleduje. Jinými slovy jde o jakýsi "podblog" mého Tumblr - FemaleRappersGIFs.tumblr.com, který vedu od roku 2011. Sleduji přes 300 reperek a pro tento blog jsem vybrala ty nejaktivnější a relevantní ve svém průmyslu.

Trina Celebrates Her 33rd Birthday!

3. december 2011 at 20:40 | Marquetita

It's Your Birthday video:

Lil Mama Releases Voice of the Young People!

21. april 2008 at 8:57 | Marquetita

Oficial tracks:
01. Intro
02. Lip Gloss
03. One Hit Wonder (ft. DJ Khaled)
04 Get Loose Request
05. Shawty Get Loose (ft. Chris Brown & T-Pain)
06. Wat It Iz (Strike A Pose) ft. T-Pain)
07. G-Slide (Tour Bus)
08. Gotta Go Deepa (skit)
09. Stand Up
10. L.I.F.E
11. College (ft. Yirayah)
12. Emotional Rollercoasters (skit)
13. Broken Piecez
14. Swim
15. Truly In Luv (ft. Peter Toh)
16. Look At Ma Life
17. Make It Hot (Put It Down)
18. Pick It Up
19. Gurlfriend (ft. Avril Lavigne, Dr Luke Remix, bonus track)