Lip Service w/ 3D Na'Tee

2. april 2017 at 8:11 | Marquetita
3D Na'Tee talks about her single Maria and how she was inspired to make that record - having a jealous friend, which led to a further conversation about jealous friends. Check it out below:

Asian Doll Decodes Outta Space Mixtape!

1. april 2017 at 8:09 | Marquetita
Asian Doll decodes her newest mixtape Outta Space. She explains she was in a different element and mood, she was being creative and she was doing something what people didn't expect she'd do. The mixtape is going out of space and Asian was doing the best music she could. Later, she describes every single track. Check it out below:

Dating Queen Key: I'm Calling All Eaters

23. march 2017 at 21:53 | Marquetita
Queen Key talks about what she looks for in guys - she likes real n****s. She also talks about romantic things and relationshps - she claims she has never had a boyfriend!

Asian Doll on the Bali Baby Fight "I Don't Even Know Her"

23. march 2017 at 21:38 | Marquetita
Asian Doll talks about the beef with Bali Baby! It's not a big deal to her.

Nitty Scott Live at AFRODISIAC 2017

23. march 2017 at 21:35 | Marquetita
Nitty Scott performs live!

Cardi B: Money Doesn't Always Make Me Happy, I Understand Suicidal Celebs

22. march 2017 at 16:11 | Marquetita
Cardi B loves shmoney but she doesn't show it off! It makes her happy that she is not broke but it definitely does not bring her happiness. She may be famous but now she understand why celebs feel suicidal now that she's going through it - it's the peer pressure, people attacking her family memebers etc. Moreover, she admits that guys now does not love her for who she is but because she is ballin.

Trina's 'Da Baddest Bitch': 17 Years Later

21. march 2017 at 21:56 | Marquetita
17 years ago, Trina's debut album Da Baddest Bitch was released! Unbelievably, the album is still poppin - watch the music video. She claims she was nervous before it was about to drop. Furthermore, she weighs in on the title the baddest bitch that she came up with - everybody calls themselves the baddest, which, according to her, is an independent strong woman. See below:

Cardi B Loves Lil Kim's Sluttiness, Dating Black Guys, Latinos Using the N-Word

20. march 2017 at 17:59 | Marquetita
Cardi B says she is inspired by Lil Kim as she quoted her in her mixtape BMV2. She discusses the n-word in her music and latinos using the n-word. She believes that dark skinned women don't get so much praise as light skinned women do. Furthermore, she weighs in on dating: dark vs light skinned people. To see everything she said, watch below:

Remy Ma and Papoose on Ep. 2 of Breaking Records w/ Megan Ryte

20. march 2017 at 12:24 | Marquetita
Remy Ma and Papoose compete with Megan Ryte! Who peels the most oranges? Who puts on the most shirts in the shortest time? Watch below:

Lee Mazin Taste Tests Drake "Virginia Black" Whiskey and Gives Honest Review

19. march 2017 at 21:26 | Marquetita
Lee Mazin talks about Drake's Whiskey - the packiging is sexy but it has a regular taste. Watch her opinion: